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Every day one of us is a slave, our mourning is called violence!

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We Create Awesome Stuff

We are Creative Team located in IRAN.

Web Development

Web Development Will Be Done.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Will Be Done.

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Client Support Will Be Done.


Who We Are

We are not special people , we are like you. Do not underestimate yourself..


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CEO & Founder & Developer & Programmer

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We Are Here For You

List OF

  • Auto Shotgun To Get Speed
  • Spin Fire
  • Draw Tee Tile
  • Draw Hook Length Circle
  • [*] Increase Ping By
  • Balance On Hooked Tee
  • [*] Smart Hammer
  • Hammer closest tee [Off]
  • [*] Smart Hammer Everyone
  • Smart hammer wont hammer anybody near you
  • [*] Smart Hammer Only Unfreezed
  • Smart hammer wont hammer any freezed tee[Block]
  • [*] Smart Hammer Only Freezed
  • Smart hammer wont hammer any unfreezed tee[DDrace]
  • [*] Smart Hammer Footbal Mode
  • Smart hammer only grenader [Footbal. Hammer Only Ball Keeper!]


  • [*] Smart Hammer Everyone (Hold)
  • Smarthammer Only if left mouse click is hold
  • [*] Movement Lagger
  • Other players see your movement laggy[Make it harder for them to shoot or hook you]
  • [*] Low Lag
  • A bit laggy
  • [*] Hard Lag
  • Maximum laggy
  • Hook Lagger
  • [*] Dummy Autoshoot Off
  • Auto shoot dummy
  • [*] Dummy Autoshoot Last Angle
  • Dummy will shoot at last view direction
  • [*] Dummy Autoshoot Myself
  • Dummy shoot yourself to unfreeze!

List OF

  • Copy Tee To Player
  • Copy Tee To Dummy
  • Auto Aim Hook
  • Auto Aim Fire
  • Use Heuristic Aiming
  • Fast Fire
  • Fast Hook
  • Hook Nearest Collision
  • Auto Dummy Hammer Fly
  • Auto Dummy Hook Fly
  • Copy Dummy
  • Reverse Copy X/Axis
  • Reverse Copy Y/Axis
  • Reverse Copy Direction
  • Playback Bot [Record+Play]

List OF

  • Playback Bot Restart At Fail
  • Stop Playback At Fail
  • Hookride Bot
  • Jetride Bot
  • Pixel Move Bot
  • Freeze Edge Bot
  • Draw My Aimline
  • Draw Everybody Aimline
  • Auto Wallshot Unfreezer
  • Auto Shoot Who Target You
  • Auto Shoot Everybody
  • Auto Shoot Opposite Team
  • Use Wallshot Hit If Failed
  • Use Wallshot Hit ALWAYS
We Are Designers
We Are Programmers
We Are Coders
We Are Developers
We Are Creative

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  • Telegram Support
  • 64-Bit